Pastors, elders and fellow Christians why are we so evil. Yes, very evil.

Why tell someone that "The Lord will fight your battle", when it is very clear they are just facing a consequence of a sin they committed.

Stop it! Call them to repentance. This nonsense of the lord will fight your battle will take many to hell. Let's look at one another straight in the eye and call sin what it is -SIN.

Let's encourage on another to confess and repent. Thereafter, pray to God for grace as we face the consequences, for the grace is sufficient.

A brother is caught in corruption and instead of rebuking him, we receive his tithe and offering and pray fervently against the court case. Who bewitched us?

A brother commits adultery and we blame all hell without holding the sinner to account and in total ignorance of 1Cor 10:13. Again, who bewitched us?

A sister gives more honour to the pastor than the husband and we call that service to the kingdom. Seriously? When the consequences set in we run to "The Lord will fight this battle for you" lie.

Brethren, we must look at one another straight in the eye and remove one another's log.

David really loved the Lord but the consequence of his adultery still came to pass but the Lord was as ever - very gracious.

Let's be the Nathan in one another's life. Let's not pamper one another on the wide road to hell.
Muhia Love.