Writing as one who knows he might end divorced before death,not holier-than-thou, I still think the world needs to have standards. If an acre is 400x400ft, let it not change to 560x437 because one wants to extend some territory.
In matters marriage, I think the standard should remain "Married Until Death". All these other arrangements we find (or have found) ourselves in are rather unfortunate but should not be included in the norm.
Separation and divorce might come but it is best to treat such as a form of marital-disability, something similar to physical-disability/challenged.
That way the marriage institution will be left as God-ordained and the rest of us can now seek for affirmative action.
Let's stop confusing the world because of a broken leg or arm. Just as a broken arm or poor eyesight is a physical challenge let's adopt this kinda new term "Maritally-Challenged" and not making loss of a limb a walking style.
By doing so, the Separated and Divorced can now stop despising marriage like the monkey which could not reach the bananas and walked away saying how bad and bitter they were.
It is ill-advised talking bad of relationships and marriage yet one has kids who might want to get into relationships leading to marriage in future. It is only wise to nurture them and let them learn from mistakes mum and dad could not resolve either due to lack of knowledge (foolishness), highly opinionated (pride) or being independent (unforgiveness) of both or one of them.
All in all Great is God's faithfulness. Allah Akbar