Not long ago, I happened to be in a discussion where many relationship issues were being discussed. One of those issues was virginity.

It was shocking listening to the views of many, some of whom are in the kingdom of God. It was an outright mockery of one of the great values of the kingdom of God - sexual purity.

Admittedly, many of us did not get married while still virgins, like my myself. However, we should not allow our guilt to bring others down. We shouldn't allow our guilt to fish for instances where we allege virgins engage in masturbation or anal sex.

Christians should not be like Adam and Eve who justified sin by blaming the woman and the snake respectively for their own failures.

It is very very sad that in these last days we are making mockery of virginity. It is very wrong. Single man or woman out there and still a virgin - treasure that.

Comparing virginity to character flows is comparing oranges with mangoes. Virginity is virginity. It means one has not defiled himself or herself which a nice thing.

Making a mockery of virginity means we sanction sexual immorality.

Virginity is a good thing. Everybody should get married while still a virgin. Like I did? No. Sin got the better part of me before I knew Christ. However, once I became a soldier in Christ's camp I can only advance and advocate the values of this army.

Well, virginity is not the only value that makes a great marriage but it is one of them. Those who sinned like myself enjoy secondary virginity just like Mary - we know the value of being forgiven.

Is virginity overrated? No. It cannot be. God hates sexual immorality. Every song sang and every sermon sermon preached should point to Christ. Virginity is being Christ-like - undefiled.

The claim of virgins engaging in other sins is not here or there. The subject of discussion is sexual purity. Those who failed on that front like myself are not barred from repenting and enjoying the grace of secondary virginity.

For the virgins who engage in other sins - repent.

What about the rape victim? Take heart my brother, my sister, only a fool can judge you for a sin committed against you. Your purity still stands.

Virginity should be celebrated. Secondary virginity should be encouraged for those who have fallen into sin.







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