While the devil was testing Christ to make Jesus sin, God's tests to Israelites was to see if their faith would hold. Both purposes to make you sin and to test your faith are meant to build your spirit-man.

The beasts in your wilderness could be your unfaithful husband, your unforgiving wife, your wayward child, your stressful boss, your thieving employee, etc.
Remember you are under a test. Will you stand?

The beasts in your life could also be the married man enticing you into sexual sin, it could be the woman inviting you to sin sexually with her, it could be your colleagues asking you to steal with them, it could be the person offering you a bribe for quick service, etc.

Beasts are any entities which entice you or push you to make sinful choices like committing adultery, fornication, drunkenness, masturbation, corruption, bribery,witchcraft, etc.

- Wilderness is a place or season of torment; health, bereavement, finances, political, etc.

- God is aware you are in the wilderness. He is waiting for you to turn to Him for help. - 2 Chronicles 7:14. There is a rock placed in the wilderness for you and once you call on the Lord, He will direct you to the rock and you will get water to quench your thirst. It could be that you are in financial wilderness, you have borrowed left right center down and up and your fortunes are still going down. Faith is, forsaking all options in your head and turning to God for direction to your rock.

- He is not only willing to see you through the wilderness but to minister to your needs while in the wilderness; angels ministered to Jesus Mark 1:13 and God sent Israelites manna.

The fact that God is aware you are in the wilderness, for nothing is hidden from Him, should be very encouraging to you to stand and wait on Him. Even if calamity strikes, you well know everything works together for good, for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.

You might have procured that abortion but the Lord will turn that ugly sin, to firm you up and build an effective pre-abortion counselor who will help many from going that route and escape possible death and subsequent eternal damnation. There is greatness in your fall only if you lay that burden at the cross and trust God as a healer and provider.

Angels are waiting for your call to minister unto you. Even wild animals are waiting for the Master's command to serve your needs. Meat-eating ravens fed Elijah with meat. One would have expected God to use non-meat eating birds but you know what - His ways are not our ways.

If you are in financial distress on a Sunday and your hope was provision from a client or a bank overdraft repent and allow God to be your provider. He is the same who sent meat-eating ravens with meat to Elijah. Glory be to God.

If your source of help is your relatives,repent and allow God to provide. Hasn’t He said that those who believe in His son and forsake relatives for His sake He will add Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, to him?

The wilderness is not what defines you or your outcome. Your faith in God does.
The wilderness calls you a failure but your faith in God ushers greatness. God answers those who trust Him not whiners.

Believe and you shall be healed.

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