In a time of see no sin and speak not of sin, the church, you and I, have been cornered not to speak of the many ills in our churches and communities at large.

However, if the love of Christ is truly in us we ought to call the nations to godly repentance. Let us not be like the servants of God in the days of Jeremiah. Instead of calling the people to genuine repentance they assured them that no judgment could come upon them. What a lie! What a lie!

They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace. Jeremiah 6:14

When corruption is becoming a norm in the society we ought not entertain thieves of public money in our churches by asking them to fund church projects. God is not poor to go seeking funds from thieves.

When God's view is as described in the verses quoted below, we ought to fear for ourselves and our children.

1. This is the city that must be punished;there is nothing but oppression within her. As a well keeps its water fresh,so she keeps fresh her evil; Jeremiah 6: 6b-7a

2. Behold, their ears are uncircumcised,they cannot listen; behold, the word of the Lord is to them an object of scorn;they take no pleasure in it. Jeremiah 6:10b

3. For from the least to the greatest of them,everyone is greedy for unjust gain;and from prophet to priest,everyone deals falsely. Jeremiah 6:13

Let us not lie to one another that there is a sin that goes unpunished. Let us not lie to one another that there is a sin that bears no consequence. It is sad when people in our midst are suffering as a consequence of sin and we keep telling them "it is well". No, it is not.

When it is still day, let everyone examine himself or herself and seek forgiveness from the Lord lest we all perish.