Do Not Flatter At The Expense of Repentance

In a time of see no sin and speak not of sin, the church, you and I, have been cornered not to speak of the many ills in our churches and communities at large.

However, if the love of Christ is truly in us we ought to call the nations to godly repentance. Let us not be like the servants of God in the days of Jeremiah. Instead of calling the people to genuine repentance they assured them that no judgment could come upon them. What a lie! What a lie!

The Little Known Deep Love Of Correction And Rebuke

"He who wants you to perish corrects you not."MN.

The current trend or feeling or flow in Christiandom is that we should not point out sins. It is being called Judging, self-righteousness, etc. It is now being said that there is a reason for everything and it is further said God understands. It ends up being placed in one of the many boxes of psychological justifications for sin.

Attraction and Demons

"This world is very spiritual, deeply spiritual and ruled from the spiritual realm."

Modern technology and the comfies of the emerging New World Order have boxed us in a physical world, killing our sensitivity to the spiritual world thus leaving us very vulnerable to evil spiritual enticements and manipulation.

Everything is now possible at the touch of a button, including love - "just send an sms to 52** with the word love."

With the increasing incidents of violence, marital break-ups and addictions being solely blamed on psychological states, we ought to re-orient ourselves with the truths of the word of God.

Could God Be Unforgiving For Certain Sins?

You could have found yourself having committed something awful. The guilt could be eating you day and night. However much you want to feel good, you just feel overwhelmed by the impact of your sin.

You just feel God cannot forgive you for such a sin. The fact that you had felt the Holy Spirit prompting you not to go ahead makes it worse. At some point you even think God is punishing you. "How could I do that?", you wonder.

Going through the wilderness

While the devil was testing Christ to make Jesus sin, God's tests to Israelites was to see if their faith would hold. Both purposes to make you sin and to test your faith are meant to build your spirit-man.

The beasts in your wilderness could be your unfaithful husband, your unforgiving wife, your wayward child, your stressful boss, your thieving employee, etc.
Remember you are under a test. Will you stand?