Thirty years ago, women in 90% of the churches used to cover their heads. This was based on a certain scripture. I wont quote it. Search for it. Today only 10% of women in churches cover their heads. This is also based on scripture.
A new group of hermenutics teachers arose from the bowels of the earth (I won't say hell) and have been re-interpreting (I won't say - mis-interpreting) the Bible. They have even come up with a Children's Bible, Women's Bubble (Bible), etc.
Subtle twisting of Words here and there.
When Muslims cry out that the Bible is 'doctored' ,they have a point and any Catholic Priest or Orthodox priest can tell you it is true. Pentecostal pastors with all the 'holy spirit' find this hard to understand.
Close to what Bob Marley sang, natural mystic in the air, there is an unnatural mystery in the new Bible.
Many will dismiss me stupidly that I am a Muslim bashing Christianity instead of searching to verify if it is true "there is a monster at the door as the child is saying".
If the trend to become celebrity pastors continue, the church will be finished in the next 30 years if it has not already happened, as Christians continue chanting "the gates of hell cannot prevail". Indeed they cannot if you are on the other side of the gate.
Many pastors preach messages which massage sins and truths which are disconnected from the sins of their people.
Pastors, ye must choose between the Caller and those you are Called to serve. Who do you want to appease?
Yours Truly,
Teacher Muhia