Thirty years ago, women in 90% of the churches used to cover their heads. This was based on a certain scripture. I wont quote it. Search for it. Today only 10% of women in churches cover their heads. This is also based on scripture.
A new group of hermenutics teachers arose from the bowels of the earth (I won't say hell) and have been re-interpreting (I won't say - mis-interpreting) the Bible. They have even come up with a Children's Bible, Women's Bubble (Bible), etc.

If Allah is not God, who do Jews Pray to?

It is common to hear a Christian say Allah is not God. In fact some go to the extent of saying Allah is Satan, implying Muslims worship the devil.

My question to Christians who believe Allah is not God,

1. Whom do Jews pray to because just like Muslims they never pray "in the name of Jesus"?

2. Who answers the prayers of Jews who never pray "in the name of Jesus"?

3. When Jesus taught how to pray, did he forget to add "pray in my name"?

The Lord will fight your battle Lie

Pastors, elders and fellow Christians why are we so evil. Yes, very evil.

Why tell someone that "The Lord will fight your battle", when it is very clear they are just facing a consequence of a sin they committed.

Maritally Challenged - For the separated and Divorced

Writing as one who knows he might end divorced before death,not holier-than-thou, I still think the world needs to have standards. If an acre is 400x400ft, let it not change to 560x437 because one wants to extend some territory.
In matters marriage, I think the standard should remain "Married Until Death". All these other arrangements we find (or have found) ourselves in are rather unfortunate but should not be included in the norm.

Is virginity overrated?

Not long ago, I happened to be in a discussion where many relationship issues were being discussed. One of those issues was virginity.

It was shocking listening to the views of many, some of whom are in the kingdom of God. It was an outright mockery of one of the great values of the kingdom of God - sexual purity.