Who Am I?

Muhia N. is a believer who has submitted to the will of God. Following His teachings through His prophets from Moses to Jesus and to Muhammad (pbut).

Holy Books
Muhia N. believes God has handed down His word through the Torah, Psalms, Gospel and finally the Quran.

Muhia N. is a trained Information Technologist majoring in Web Development but currently taking a diploma in Transformational Leadership at PAC University.

Social Engagements
Muhia N. is a firm believer in Justice at all levels of the society and strongly advocates for the same.  "Justice and righteousness are foundations of the throne of God".
Justice is the bedrock of the prosperity of individuals, families, communities and nations. Where injustices are allowed to thrive therein poverty strikes like a cornered viper.


What is M.U.H.I.A- RASHID?
M.U.H.I.A is an acronym of a life long aspiration that all decisions made by Man shall be Influenced by the Holy Spirit Always.
Be M.U.H.I.A
simply means Be a Man Under Holy Influence Always. 

RASHID means "rightly informed" - again it is a life long desire to seek and find the true knowledge of God, Allah swt.